word vomit: a post about nothing..


I've tried to muster up the words for this opening sentence for a while now. So much, that I’ve trashed tens and twenty’s of pieces within the last year. It’s a vicious cycle really. I write, I backspace, I write some more, nail a few paragraphs, air pat myself on the back, get stuck and BOOM. It sits, until it’s done sitting and eventually it's buried 6 feet under and on its way to blog post heaven. That being said, I’ve set out to spill the beans on this one…word vomit in 3-2-and………..1. 

Along with the launch of my website came an ambitious blog section because, for those that don’t know, back in my day (yea, I said it), I used to blog like a mf. It was fun, it was easy and, above all, therapeutic af. Also, I’m well aware I just used HELLA commas.

So now fast forward years and years later and here I am, barely able to face the blank screen in front of me begging to be bitch slapped with my thoughts. And why?

Glad you asked… 

This has nothing to do with a lack of content, or ideas.. or thoughts for that matter. In fact, I’m full of thoughts. Ideas too. I’m like a sack of potatoes, except without the potatoes and all the thoughts. #SackOfThoughts. 

So why? Why in all fucks can’t I just press the submit button after laying down my intellectually comedic bars of cosmic wisdom, life lessons, inspiration and occasional yoga tips? Well, because somewhere down the line, between then and now, I let “them” in—not to be confused with the “they” DJ Khaled (thank me later) speaks of. I’m just kidding, they can totally be intermingled. Both “them” and “they” are some sons of witches who feed off nothing but haterade. To be clear, in this case my “them” were doubts, fear, and COMFORT—that dreadful little demon. 

Many times, I’ve poured my heart out only to decide it was too much to let go of—Kevin Hart’s infamous “no, no, no,” cries flaring all up in my head. Meanwhile, I’ll be the first person to sit here and preach a good “letting go” message. It’s invigorating man. But that’s another story (and part of why I’m oozing words and sentences packed with incorrect grammar and little structure, which reminds me of the time I got a Reiki reading done and literally vomited.. profusely.. multiple times. Letting go ladies and gentlemen…).

Now, judging by the 1% battery left on my PC and the charger packed all the way deep in my overly packed book bag, I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s time to go. Never underestimate divine intervention my lovelies…

Assuming I still have your attention, feel free to drop a comment below to encourage more word vomiting. Questions, comments, topic of discussions? All 'dat. Let's go.

Love + Light + Lunges, 

Kymmi Cordovez2 Comments