How to Roll Out Using The Rainbow "Everything" Ball

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How to Roll Out Using The Rainbow "Everything" Ball

Here's a great choice for those possibly experiencing shoulder discomfort, soreness or tension. 


  • Aids in overall body recovery.
  • Helps to mobilize hips.
  • Increases elasticity of muscle tissue, joints, and fascia — the body's connective tissue.
  • Decreases tension in the low body.
  • Encourages the flow of both blood and lymph.

Our favorites: 

  • Pre-workout when paired with dynamic movements.
  • Post-workout recovery.
  • KORE Bed Time Routine

If you own our "best trio" mobility ball set, this "everything" ball can be substituted in place of the "get it done" white sponge ball. I encourage folks to play around with the different ball sizes in order to get the best [kore]work. 

Note that you can use this ball in other areas, however, I've found that it holds the best size and comfort for releasing tension in the lower body. 


We'll use three phases described below, whenever rolling out. 

Phase 1: Use the ball to roll out, slowly, in the designated area. Take your time.

Phase 2: Hold the ball on a trigger point for 3-5 breaths. 

Phase 3: Add movement. (Ex: If we're rolling out lower body, Phase 3 will include leg movements, such as knee in towards the chest and then out, leg swings and circles.) Feel free to get creative. Listen to your body. 


To Target Hips

To begin bring your feet close to your glutes as this position will assist you through the necessary movements, however, if you find something that feels more comfortable for you feel free to do that. Bring the ball to the left side of your right glute and let your arms fall into a T shape. Take a deep inhale, and as you exhale bring your left hand to meet your right as the ball follows and rolls over to the right side of your right glute. You can continue this movement without the use of your arms if it pleases you. Move from Phase 1-3 as you see fit. Do not move onto Phase 3 if movement feels painful.

To Target Groin

Come down and lay onto your belly and bend your right leg in so that you may place the ball right underneath the inside of your knee. If you have a yoga block, you can use it for leverage by bringing the ball in between the block and your knee. This is generally a sensitive area and can handle less movement than the hips. Use your discretion and take it easy. Remember to use movement during your exhales if reaching Phase 3. 

To Target Hip Flexors 

You can start by assessing yourself in order to see which side might be more limited. To do so, place your hands underneath your hips while laying flat on your belly side down. With your left leg completely relaxed, lift and point your right toes aiming to lift and lean your leg towards the back. Spend about 3-5 seconds here and then repeat with the opposite leg. Notice which leg feels weaker and that's the leg to start with. 

So if your right leg didn't lift up as high as the left, begin with the right leg. Bring the ball right on the inside of the pelvic bone. If you place your hands on your hips and feel where your pointer fingers remain, it's that groove right in there. We'll begin this drill with Phase 2 and just allow the ball to just sit in the groove at first. It'll more than likely feel weird. You can move onto Phase 1 and 3 only if it feels comfortable. Again, this is a sensitive area and so less is more. 

If and when rolling out in this area you may explore the line from your mid-abdomen all the way down to your hip flexor and groin area.  

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at

*Note: Please consult your health professional before performing. This does not function as medical advice.


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