3 P's We All Need — Peace, Patience, Purpose

3 P's We All Need — Peace, Patience, Purpose

My eyes are wet. And my mind is racing. 

Tear ducts activated, heart fulfilled.

Let me back it up. 

I've just spent the last three minutes reading an essay written by one of my dear yoga students. For those unaware, though I took a big step back from teaching yoga at local or corporate studios, I continued to fulfill my purpose in different places such as Spelman College.

But check it...

In 2017 I wrote down some intentions and goals on a piece of paper. Among them read something along the lines of "teach collegiate." With a deep focus on both sports and mental performance, I knew off rip that I wanted to get into schools, colleges, universities; I wanted to get them as young as possible. My strategy? If I can help plant good seeds before it storms, maybe I can create change. 

Some time in 2018 I drove a friend to work. This moment is significant because it was on this random day of the week that I looked up at him and said "I'm going to go collegiate. I'm going to get into schools. That's the goal. I'm going to do it. I'm so close, I can feel it." 

Moments later, with him still in the car, I opened an e-mail that had just came through (and no worries, the car was at a full stop). My heart dropped. Tear ducts activated again. My friend's face wore a look of confusion. 

"Bruhhhhh," were the only words I could utter before shedding a few thug tears of gratitude. 

The e-mail came from the Director of Group Fitness at Spelman College. But also, it was later that same week that I locked in a gig with the Women's Basketball team at Georgia Tech – something many people don't know because I never quite promoted, "instagrammed" it or spoke of it. Things I kept to myself because they meant so damn much.

Pictured below are just a few of my girls at the Wanderlust ATL festival (2019). The organization granted me a few free passes that allowed me to expose these beauties to a new world. It truly was a fucking blast. Excuse the fuck-bomb, but I needed y'all to feel the emphasis on the experience.


A few mornings ago I received a message that literally brought me to my knees.

It read: "good morning kymmi, I hope you're doing well. I miss you and our yoga sessions! I just wanted to let you know that I wrote an essay for a scholarship a few months [ago] about yoga and the lessons it's taught me and I won $10,000." Of course I asked for $35, but that's irrelevant right now. 

The message came from one of my Spelman girls or little sisters as I often refer to them. Just today I had the privilege of sitting with the actual essay and it's brought me to tears. With full vulnerability, she speak of a dark place she was in during her initial encounter with the practice. She speaks of patience, peace, and intentions and growth...the journey that is life.

"If only I'd known these things at that age," I find myself thinking.

However, in reading her essay and the lessons I was able to pass forward I'm reminded of my purpose; something I often talk to God about.

Like little sis and many of us reading this, I've walked through valley of the shadow of death. It's a scary trail and without faith and intention, there can be no peace and worst of all no sight of purpose.

I'm humbled and truly consider it a privileged to pass bit of light to the next person, which is why I'm penning these emotions down today. They need to live somewhere other than my head. Today's reminders...

Patience : Above all, be patient with you.

The most important type of patience is that which you have with yourself. The patience of and for Self. It's only after practicing patience with you that you can extend it to others. Do not be fooled by the world's gift of instant gratification. Not all things must come fast. Great things come to those who wait — but rest assured, there's work to be done while you sit tight in the waiting room; inner work. 

Peace : To know duality is to know peace. 

There is utmost peace in understanding, which can arguably come forth only through experience. Understanding is wisdom and wisdom takes time. It takes failure and falls and wins just alike. There is a sense of clarity that comes with the acceptance of life's happening. Whether its 1st or last place today, the will to be better tomorrow can and will carry us through. Knowing that is peace. 

 Purpose : Unbeknownst to some, we all share the same purpose and that's to better the world.

Purpose is what wakes us up in the morning and carries us throughout the day. It can be empty for some while the opposing force is at work, but do not be fooled. You got this even when you feel like you don't. Heart up, head down. Faith strong. There is purpose in us all and it will be revealed. Pro Tip: Be diligent in asking it to show itself. 

As my time in ATL (for now) comes to a close, with the semester at my beloved Spelman being interrupted by new COVID regulations I think back to the memories I made with these blossoming women and I'm in awe, I truly am. And not only am I grateful to have been a light to them, but so damn blessed to have been fueled and empowered by these blossoming beauties.

For that I thank my Spelman Sisters — always & forever, my little lights.

Never Forget... 

Patience leads to peace which inevitably leads to purpose so take your time and take it slow. Use each second of the day to pull you through knowing every hour and day and month is allowed to be different.

Slow and steady wins the race... 



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