6 Things I Learned From A weekend Getaway

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6 Things I Learned From A weekend Getaway

Mental health days are real. And so is stress, anxiety and a whole lot of other bullshit I need not mention for the sake of positivity. So let's talk about a mental health day...or two. Let's call it a weekend. Also, excuse my language in advance. 

It was a warm August day and all the things bubbled up inside of me. I'm an anxious person. FYI. 

After a much-needed dinner with some close friends — it'd been "forever" since we last seen each other — we decided to reunite again, this time without letting weeks and months pass us by. We set a tentative September date, which was secured about a week or so later.


The plan: drive up to a friend's lake house for the weekend.

The agenda: none.

However, might I mention that with three yoga teachers in a room, the yoga is inevitable and so it goes without saying that mad yoga happened.. like, all the yoga, occasional twerks, and an indoors kumbaya session that almost made me barf, but later gave me all types of epiphanies and shit.

I'm gonna come clean before I continue, because I think it's worth mentioning. I almost didn't go. I almost bailed. Other commitments, life, my anxiety's anxiety and all the things had me caught up. But what matters is that I did go. Praise Jesus. Which reminds me to remind y'all to stick with it — whatever "it" is for you. Like Nike, just doit. Follow through and do what you said you were gonna do. 

Moving along. 

On September 15th, three of us headed north, real fucking north. So north, I still can't recall the name of the town we were in, nonetheless hardly sure we were even in Georgia anymore. Point is, it was drivable and we got there.. in one piece. 

But anyway..

The lake house, located too far from anything to walk, was fucking gorgeous. A dream house, but that's neither here nor there. I was super grateful to be there — not just cause of its beauty, but because of the energy I held so close over the course of my stay there. 

If you've never read 'The Celestine Prophecy' by James Redfield, get it now and read it ASAP. Its take on the elements of energy are pretty tight and will make me sound less looney when I talk about aura's and things of that nature. 

I say that to say, I was surrounded by pretty amazing energy over the weekend. 

Despite the eight rooms in the house (I may or may not be exaggerating), we all slept in one room together, which added to the element of love and closeness over the course of our stay. 

During moments of rare silence, my mind wandered. It happened a lot and especially on the car ride back. And unbeknownst to them, I assume, they forced me to break out of my comfort zone. 

"What did you guys take away from this weekend?" 

The question plagued me. It was like I knew, but I didn't. I couldn't process "it" just yet. I just knew it was something amazing. I felt good. I felt refreshed. I felt renewed. Still, I opted out of answering the question. 

"I'm still processing," I finally responded. 

Three months later, thoughts settled and nostalgia filled... here's what I took away from that weekend. 

If it bothers you, mentally or physically, you probably need more of it. I say something along this line a lot in my classes. "Pay attention to the weaker side and make it a point to give it a little more love," and all that good stuff. Well, let me tell you this shit was a rude awakening. Opening up hasn't always been easy for me, even with someone I love or trust. This was hard. I was forced to seek within and pull the answers out. But uncomfortable as it may be, it's 10 times more relieving. 

Authenticity is one hell of a drug. Take a moment to reflect upon your surroundings and determine what's real. Ask yourself "Is this genuine?" / "Is this forced?" / "Is this necessary?". You'll know what to do from there. 

Your time is your everything. It's the one thing you can't ever get back after it's passed so use it accordingly. 

Laughter really is medicine. In conjunction with authenticity's jazz, it's quite the pick me up and after watching a Tiffany Haddish stand-up a few nights ago, I'm reminded of the changes it can encourage. 

Those you love and trust are the key to a better you. Feedback goes a longer way when coming from someone you respect and trust. These are the people that can offer a fresh perspective while tremendously aiding in your growth. While positive feedback builds healthy confidence, constructive criticism opens the door for growth and wisdom. Best of all, it opens a space for dialogue and a later check in because it comes from somewhere so "close to home." Pro Growth Tip: Send an e-mail to a group of your closest friends, family and colleague asking them to offer feedback on things like your current business venture, work ethic, etc. 

Hit reset. Life's a cycle, like most thing. And there's a strength that comes from starting over or simply being still for a moment. Take some time for you today. Listen to your thoughts, to God, the Universe and your body. What's it saying? 


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