How to Use the Moon for Getting Better At Life

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How to Use the Moon for Getting Better At Life

I remember running away from the moon as a little girl and not because I was scared, but because she played a good game. As I walked alongside my mother from perhaps, the park, grocery story or somewhere local, I'd catch a glimpse of the moon and start sprinting down the block as hard as I could. She never let up though. No matter what building I tried sneaking behind or how fast I'd run, she always caught up. This probably happened up until I was eight or nine. I can't quite remember that detail.

In my adolescent years though, I did this thing I referred to as "moon hunting," where I'd get in my car and just drive, following the moon to wherever she led me. I took this practice on during full moons; harvest moons more than anything because of their overwhelming brightness.

I never knew why, but I always felt connect to the moon. At some during my younger years I toyed with the idea that one of my ancestors often partnered with the moon to watch over me.

As I bloomed into my adult life, I decided chasing the moon was no longer enough. I wanted to connect with her on a deeper level. I wanted to use her resources. I wanted to shine as bright as she did. And so I did.

Below, I'll share with you a gist of the symbology behind a Full and New Moon. I'll add some questions I like to reflect on, which make for great journaling tools.

Full disclosure; I picked up the practice about two-three years ago during one of my transitions. It was a beautiful moment in time, one of the best and probably the catalyst to where I am now. I’m saddened to say though, that much later, at some point—I don’t know when, I stopped committing to it.

I got so comfortable in receiving everything I had asked for that I stopped doing the very thing that helped me will them—to some extent.

I’ve picked up the practice again over the course of this year and truly believe in its power. Because above it all, moon or not, it’s about the power of awareness and intentionality. The moons are just our accountability partners. <3 

Full Moon : Rest + Reflect

I'll start with the Full Moon since it seems to be the most notable and everyone's favorite. Astronomically, this time the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun. And just as the sun's light illuminates the moon, making its beauty fully visible to us, symbolically it illuminates our truths as well.

The Full Moon represents a time of reflection, insight, and celebration. It's a beautiful moment for inner growth as we face anything we've allowed to hide in the shadows.

This is the time to relax, review, acknowledge, and move forward. But most importantly, this is a time to celebrate your own fullness. Understand that mistakes are necessary and more of a lesson than a failure.  

Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive and commit to nourishing those moments and things. Allow anything you've been holding onto to come to light. Review and revise it. Gain perspective and accept and there is both light and darkness within us, and that is the beauty of the duality within Self.

And so it's with a heart full of love that I say: "sit your ass down" the next time there's a full moon in the air. 

In order to reflect, we must relax. And in order to gain insight, we might acknowledge. If you're truly looking to harness the power that comes with a Full Moon, you must take a moment for yourself—which given this fast pace world, can be difficult. But it's not impossible.

Put your electronics away and set yourself up for success. You can do it! 

Types of Questions to Reflect On:

  • How have I been doing for the past month? Be honest with yourself.
  • What is no longer serving me that I can let go of? This includes people and things. 
  • What has been going well for me that I can focus more on?

Truly take some time for yourself. Put your phone and any other electronics away and clear your head. Reflect on this questions without any attachment or judgement or guilt; only gratitude. 

New Moon : Refine Your Resolutions

Unlike the Full Moon, the New Moon is located directly between the earth and sun, so the side that’s lit by the sun is invisible to us. Symbolically, consider this your clean slate; each and every month.

The New Moon marks a moment of newness. This is one of the best times to set new intentions and goals for the month ahead—or readjust your yearlong goals in order to make sure you meet them.

Take this moment right here to stop putting so much emphasis on a January 1st goal. Repeat: "I will no longer create empty promises and goals for myself. Instead, I will readjust and reinvent myself each and every month with smaller goals that will lead me to my ultimate goal. I will succeed because I know I can succeed and I am committed to utilizing the tools I have on hand to succeed." 

Be full of intrigue during this time as you consider the next phase of your journey. Consider no limitations. This is a time to “start over," if you will, and explore the endless possibilities of life.

Each month you are given a blank canvas. So pick up your favorite tools and create greatness. I believe in you!

Types of Questions to Reflect On:

  • What would I like to focus more on in the month ahead?
  • Where would I like to see growth in my life?
  • What type of person do I want to be?
  • What steps can I take to move closer to my goals?

Start by choosing one realistic goal or change you can create in your life. Write it on paper, or put it on your vision board for both accountability and commitment. You got this.

See below for a calendar of New and Full Moons throughout the rest of 2020. Please note that days may differ (by only a day) depending on location. I keep these noted in my calendar with a reminder to go off at least a day in advance so that I can go cross reference if need be. Be reminded that Full and New Moon energy remains strong for about 3 days. The below dates should note the days of the Moon's strongest energy and fullness in the appropriate cases. Enjoy! 


  • Full Moon: June 5 |  Strawberry Moon
  • New Moon: June 21


  • Full Moon: July 5 | Buck Moon
  • New Moon: July 20


  • Full Moon:  August 3 | Surgeon Moon
  • New Moon: August 18


  • Full Moon:  September 2 | Corn Moon
  • New Moon: September 17

October : Has two full moons in a month. 

  • Full Moon: October 1 | Harvest Moon
  • New Moon: October 16
  • Full Moon: October 31 | Blue Moon


  • New Moon: November 16
  • Full Moon: November 30 | Beaver Moon


  • New Moon: December 14
  • Full Moon: December 29 | Cold Moon

Some more ammo...

Special Moon Events in 2020


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  • UfQAkzjv


  • fHjrTLqQPJ


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