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“Who’s with me?” read the tailed of a caption I scrolled through on my Instagram feed. “I’m in!” I recognized that comment. “I guess I’m in too.” It was a passive thought, yet somehow I uttered the words to no one. Here’s the post for context. I looked at the time. It was 9:59 exact and the 36 hour cleanse was set to begin at midnight and last all through Tuesday noon o’clock. “I’ve got time,” I thought while, I’ll admit, crushing a bag of Doritos. (Balance guys). At the moment, I was nowhere near hungry and the thought of...

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Mental health days are real. And so is stress, anxiety and a whole lot of other bullshit I need not mention for the sake of positivity. So let's talk about a mental health day...or two. Let's call it a weekend. Also, excuse my language in advance.  It was a warm August day and all the things bubbled up inside of me. I'm an anxious person. FYI.  After a much-needed dinner with some close friends — it'd been "forever" since we last seen each other — we decided to reunite again, this time without letting weeks and months pass us by....

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