About Us


meet kymmi.

Kymmi is a small-town Jersey-bred fitness nerd who geeks out on fascial release methods, green juices and inversions. After graduating from Rutgers University, Kymmi started her career post-grad as a digital marketing specialist in the music + media + entertainment world. Working underneath the likes of Sean “Diddy” Combs and Russell Simmons, Kymmi is no stranger to the beautiful chaos that comes with life and its triumphs.

the shift.

In 2014 a devastating knee injury robbed Kymmi of her mobility. What began as turmoil and confusion ended in enlightenment and blessings beyond imagination. In search of movement and mobility, this injury led her back to an old flame: yoga. And this go around was different, like an old coat that she never realized she had loved so much. Kymmi fell in love. The practice was able to bring her the same challenges and satisfaction that any workout could while both stimulating and nourishing her mind. The relationship, like any worthwhile union, is still blossoming, transforming and growing. 

the goal.

Kymmi’s mission is help people maximize their performance and their lives by gaining increased body + mind awareness and flexibility. Kymmi is certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy™ Level 3, Yoga, Cupping, and Cycling.  Kymmi offers a wide array of practice methods that have been tailored to desk warriors, fitness professionals and athletes in the NFL, NBA, CLF, MLB and MLS. When Kymmi's not posing inverted, she loves reading, traveling, running and, of course, handstands.