'Ground Me Down' Mala Bead Set

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Equipped with hints of hematite, citrine and more this mala bead set is great for grounding, calming stress, worry and deflecting negative energy. 

Hematite is known to transform negative energies into more positive vibrations while citrine has often been coined as the stone of abundance or manifestation.  

Set Includes: 

  • Mala Beads
  • (2) Mala Bead Adjustable Bracelets 

Affirmations to Meditate On: 

I am grounded.
I am here, I am now.
I release all negative thoughts and energy.
I am filled with love and happiness.
I acknowledge my thoughts and release those which don't help me grow.
Every day I am attracting more and more abundance into my life.
I am a success magnet.
My life is full of unlimited abundance, opportunity, and success. 
I am open and ready to attract blessings into my life.
I am abundance.

I let go of all negativity. I feel my negative thoughtsslowly melting away. I acknowledge my thoughts and let them go. I release thoughts which don`t make me grow.