‘Spread Love’ Rose Quartz Worry Stone Kit

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Worry stones are a great aid for relieving anxiety, stress, and delving deeper into meditation. Rose Quartz is a Stone used for balancing the heart chakra. Together, these tools can serve as an aid to help relieve troubles and grief while helping you develop self-love and compassion towards the self and others.

Worry stones are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone.  


  • One 4" Pink Sinuata White Sage Bundle
  • Two 4" White Sage Bundles 
  • One Rose Quartz Worry Stone

*Does not include Rose Quartz Bracelet

Love Affirmations to Meditate On

I am made of love and I move in love.
My heart is open to love.
I spread love to those around me and it returns to me in abundance.
I have the power to give love endlessly.
I receive love because I give love, and I give love because I receive love. 
I naturally attract love everywhere I go.
I welcome love with open arms and an open heart.
I am constantly surrounded by love.
My inner beauty naturally radiates outward.
My relationships are always safe and fulfilling.
I love the feeling of being in love.
I trust love.
I radiate love, always.