'The Healing Component' Cleanse Kit

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'The Healing Component' Cleanse Kit is the perfect kit for you to get back to YOU. It's equipped with all the cool, calm, and collective properties you need to clear your spirit and space of negativity and whatever else doesn't serve you.


  • One 4" Blue Sage smudge stick
  • One Celestite crystal
  • Two Palo Santo Sticks
  • One 3-4" Abalone Shell

Burning Blue Sage is said to :

  • Cleanse negativity and hate
  • Aid in meditation 

Celestite Benefits

  • Gentle soothing energy that promotes relaxation.
  • Increases understanding of higher consciousness.
  • Increases mindfulness when used in meditation and prayer.
  • Good for encouraging life affirming energy.
  • Aids in opening 3rd Eye (Anja) wisdom and understanding.
  • DO NOT leave in direct sunlight.
  • Best kept in bedroom for sleeping.
  • Charge stone in moonlight.

In many Native American cultures, the abalone shell is used as a smudge bowl to burn sage. The belief was that the abalone and sage combination would deliver their messages to heaven.

Can be used for: 

  • Incense Burner
  • Smudge Stick Holder
  • Sage Smudge Ash Tray
  • Palo Santo holder
  • Home Decoration Piece 

* Pictured with a 4" sage bundle to show sizing.

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