'White Howlite' Mala Beads - 8mm

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Howlite is a calming stone said to absorb negative energy and reduce the wearer's levels of stress and anger as well as any anger directed towards them. Its calming qualities are thought to help reduce insomnia as it relieves and unburdens an overactive mind. Use this stone to open up to your intuitive skills and be one with source once again.

The 108 beads are used for devotional meditation, mantras and prayer. With each bead, a mantra, word, or prayer is repeated for a total of 108 times.

Let it help you clear your mind of all the clutter and unnecessary chatter. Allow its healing properties to help you regain emotion balance while meditation on the affirmation below.

Affirmations to Meditate On: 

Blessings flow through me like a healing river.
I am open, I am fluid. I am pure and clear.
I take the time I need to relax in a bath, or body of water.
I drink the right amount of water to maintain a fluid, healthy body.